F402i Developing Practice: Independent Study

June 12, 2021July 31, 2021

Professor Armon Means

Develop your practice or a specific project with more focus and rigor, while also reflecting on the work through the practice of developing and honing an artist statement. This practice-based course is intended for artists who want to focus studio time on a specific project or body of work with access to one-on-one critiques with the instructor as well as peer discussions in the online studio. In order to support these discussions and how you connect with the information, the artist statement will develop and transform throughout the course. This will act as a manner in which to introduce the concept to the viewer, focusing on how the writing captures the essence and goals of the work while acting as a stand-in for the artist when not present. This course is ideal for artists of all media, looking for critical discourse related to current bodies of work, including work-in-progress. The goal of discussions with your instructor and peers will be to enhance conceptual thinking and examine technique, potentially exposing the artist to viewpoints not initially considered in their studio or process.

All welcome, regardless of the level of higher education or career stage. Students and individuals transitioning to new levels of art practice are highly encouraged and welcome.

New course sessions post weekly on Saturdays. Sessions meet in an online studio — a digital space that allows enrolled artists to come together and share their experiences. This course will be taught as an asynchronous/synchronous hybrid. The first session will be held asynchronously, as an initial digital studio visit between the instructor and each artist. Weeks two, five and eight, the final course session, will all be synchronous. Synchronous sessions will meet on Saturdays from 1-2.30pm (Eastern/US). These sessions will include opportunities for peer studio visits, critique, and continued feedback from the instructor.