July 31, 1-2.30 PM – Synchronous

  • Add all work to the Online Studio by 12noon (EST/US), Saturday, July 31st.
  • – Include artist statement and images and writing of studio progress
  • Discuss each other’s work in the Online Studio by 11.59pm, Sunday, August 1st.
  • 3rd live group session via Zoom.
  • – All artists will present writing and studio progress





  • Armon Means: Hey all, here is the link to our last discussion. Thanks again...
  • Tracy Holtham: Updated Artist Statement I am a multi-media artist, currently working with a...
  • Tracy Holtham: Also some recent photos.
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Armon Means
Armon Means
30 July 2021 12:01am

Just a reminder that synchronous week is our last meeting! So that being said, you may want to prepare some notes to make sure you’re receiving the feedback that’s most important to you as you continue working on your own. I’d also encourage you to use this as one more opportunity to polish your artist/work statement if you haven’t already. More than happy to give feedback in all directions on Saturday.

Tracy Holtham
31 July 2021 10:43am
Reply to  Armon Means

Hi Armon

Many thanks for this.

Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen
30 July 2021 6:12pm


can you remind me of the zoom link and time again please?

Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen
30 July 2021 9:48pm

scratch that. I found it, assuming it’s the same:

Time: 1 – 2:30 pm EST / 12 – 1:30 pm CST
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 825 2396 8928

Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen
31 July 2021 10:50am

I decided to try another photo book mockup. The candid people shots are not my own, but the kinds of things that I would like to add to the images of the churches.


Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen
31 July 2021 12:23pm

This is the original project description that’s still on my web site. I think it’s still relevant to how I’d like the project to be presented:

This is an ongoing project that started from a sense that there were a lot of churches in my home town. As I collect images and information, the question morphs. The reality is that, even with 170 churches in Lynchburg, there are many more cities in the U.S. with more churches per capita, yet Christianity is much more in the forefront of Lynchburg’s collective consciousness than anywhere else I have ever lived. Lynchburg has also become a nexus of politics and evangelical Christianity regionally and nationally. It is arguably at the height of its influence in that dual sphere in this age of omnipresent communications. This project considers what it is like to live in this Mecca, and what Christianity looks like on a local level here in contrast to the high-wattage version that represents Lynchburg everywhere else.”

Tracy Holtham
31 July 2021 12:32pm

Hi Everyone

Here are some recent works from visits to Rye and Lower Sydenham recently.

Tracy Holtham
31 July 2021 12:40pm

Also some recent photos.

Tracy Holtham
31 July 2021 12:53pm

Updated Artist Statement

I am a multi-media artist, currently working with a combination of monochrome and colour photography, collage, text, and sound. I am interested in the immediacy of these forms, and how they can be combined to develop a visual narrative. I also enjoy abstracting forms to find new meanings.

I work in this media, as the space between collated elements creates an opportunity to explore feelings and issues around mental health and intersectionality, through the interaction of texture, line, shape, tone, and layering.

I take photos and videos which I digitally manipulate, collage or abstract. Text and sound are added to these elements, or vice-versa. Each inform the other – a photograph can inspire a song title, or found words may influence what I look for visually to document.

I am inspired by being in large spaces, whether external and architectural, or emotional when exploring the mind via words, music, or experiences. Multi-media elements are combined with a performative or experimental aspect, such as a stage performance which is recorded, or a poem which develops into a song.

My intention is to utilise art to combine my longstanding interest in poetry, music and sound – to create a path where artistic autonomy, mental well-being and intersectionality are at the centre.

Armon Means
Armon Means
5 August 2021 11:14am

Hey all, here is the link to our last discussion. Thanks again for a great session and feel free to keep in touch and reach out anytime!