SUMMER TERM | 08 July — 11 August 2024

F201i Keeping A Sketchbook
4 week — online

July 16 – August 06, 2024
Tuesday, 6.30PM-8:30PM ET US

4 Weekly Sessions / 320$
Professor Melissa Dunn

A studio is a frame of mind as much as a physical space. It can be a large room or a small sketchbook you carry in your back pocket. No matter what medium you typically work in, a sketchbook practice offers a shift in perspective and plants seeds for future work.

In this 4 week course, artists will experiment with a variety of mediums as was well as rethink what can be called a ’sketchbook’. Although we’ll be working with traditional bound paper sketchbooks, we’ll also explore alternative modes of gathering ideas, like your phone or even a simple box. We’ll also look at the ways in which other artist have used sketchbooks as a tool in their work.

Because visual thinking is an ongoing part of any artistic practice, this course is open to all levels, benefiting both the beginning artist who is trying to hone their artistic voice to the more experienced artist who is looking for a new way through their practice.

We will meet as a group synchronously over Zoom on Tuesday evenings (Tuesday: 16 July, 23 July, 30 July and 06 August) from 6:30 – 8:30pm ET US. We will also utilize studioELL’s online studio so that you can share your weekly progress and have discussions asynchronously with the group.

F451i Writing Workshop
Time Traveling and Time Keeping: Conversations with Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler

3 days — online

July 09-11, 2024
Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday, 6:00-7:30PM ET US
3 Sessions / 195$
Professor Anastacia-Reneé

In this course we will be in conversation with Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler. We will write and examine multi-genre writing and poetic craft elements to build poems that bend, restructure and reimagine “form.” We will be creatively inspired by the notion that “paranormal” is normal and traditional fiction can inhabit a poem. The goal for all participants is to complete the 3-day workshop with three new poem drafts and to support an expansion of creativity, rekindle curiosity and offer new creative writing and multi-genre writing skills. Texts will be provided.

We will meet as a group synchronously over Zoom from Tuesday, July 09 through Thursday, 11 July from 6:00 – 7:30pm ET US.

F407i Developing Projects: Directed Study
4 week — online

July 10 – July 31, 2024
Section 01
Wednesday, 6:00-8:00PM ET US

Section 02
Wednesday, 1:30-3:30PM ET US / 6:30-8:30PM B

1 Asynchronous Session; 2 Weekly Group Sessions; and 1 Final One-on-One Session / 240$
professor john ros

This course is an opportunity to develop a new body of work or fine tune existing work in progress. Individual discussions with the instructor and group critiques with all course members will help push your practice into new development.

These sessions will promote and foster work with focused and rapid progress to help artists deepen their understanding of their artwork, creative process, ways-of-working and overall practice through focused weekly feedback. Enrolled artists will present their project with a short statement of intent, quantifying expected output and goals during an initial asynchronous meeting. At the end of the term artists will summarize their work in a final portfolio. This course is suited for any artist looking for enhanced studio discussions regardless of career or level.

All sessions use studioELL’s online studio — a digital space that allows artists to come together and share their experiences. The first session will be asynchronous. We will meet as a group over Zoom on Wednesday, July 17 and Wednesday, July 24. There will be a final one-on-one session with the instructor for the final class, Wednesday, July 31.

F402i Developing Practice: Independent Study
2 or 4 week — online

08 July — 11 August 2024
To be scheduled with professor

2 or 4 One-on-one Sessions
2 (1 HOUR) SESSIONS 160$
4 (1 HOUR) SESSIONS 300$

Professor Melissa Dunn
Professor Anastacia-Reneé

Register for two or four one-on-one studio sessions with the faculty member of your choice.

This course offers advanced opportunities for artists to generate, develop, or finalize thematic bodies of work, drawing on personal commitment, vision and curiosity within their individual studio practice. Ideal for those with a clear sense of their goals for the term, seeking guidance and support, the course structure may include faculty presentations, readings, and discussions alongside individual critiques. Artists working across all media and writing are welcome.

Zoom session schedule will be determined between the artist and the faculty member.