studioELL offers artist residencies in support of building everyday practice. Because we know the challenges of establishing and maintaining an individual practice, we aim to offer unique opportunities to give artists more agency in their lives and in their own studios. Professional practice residencies have been at the fore of these offerings.

We will continue to support additional residency programs in the future in collaboration with our community partners.

studioELL is pleased to announce our NEW @HOME RESIDENCY. Our inaugural invited artist, Tracy Holtham will participate in a six-month residency from 03 January through 26 June 2022.

This unique opportunity offers a platform for invited artists to work in their own studio, supported by critique opportunities from visiting artists throughout the residency. Resident artists will also share their weekly progress on our website, mount a final exhibition and give an artist lecture on work created during their time in residence.



JANUARY – JUNE 2022 — @HOME RESIDENCY | Tracy Holtham



SEPTEMBER 2019 — New York City Professional Practice Residency

AUGUST 2019 — New York City Professional Practice Residency


JUNE 2018 — VA-AIM (Virginia Artists in the Marketplace)

MARCH 2018 — New York City Professional Practice Residency


FEBRUARY – MARCH 2017 — New York City Professional Practice Residency


MAY – JUNE 2016 — Long Island City Residency