studioELL artist from London, GB, Spring 2020
F302i Workshop in Collage

studioELL artist from New York, NY, Autumn 2020
P201i/P301i Intermediate & Advanced Painting

Artist: Someone who enrolls in a studioELL course and is a member of a course cohort.

Course Cohort: All enrolled artists within a course.

Professor: Someone who leads a studioELL course.

Online Studio: A course meeting place.  An online discussion space or “classroom” that serves as an asynchronous space to share and discuss work.  Depending on the course, the Online Studio will be broken up by session for easier navigation.

Course: a themed class offering that can include up to ten weekly sessions.

Course Code: A prefix code that identifies your specific course.  A course code may end with an ‘i’ suffix denoting an online course, an ‘h’ suffix denoting a hybrid physical/online course, or have no letter suffix denoting a physical course.

Online (course ends in “i”): A course that exists completely online/remote.

Physical:  A course that exists completely in-person at a physical location.

Hybrid (course ends in “h”): A course that contains combinations of online and in-person elements.

Session: A segment or portion of a course, determined by the professor and contained in the Online Studio. Sessions are often weekly, but their frequency depends on the specific course being offered.

Term: A period of time, lasting several months, when a variety of courses are offered. studioELL has or holds three terms throughout the academic year: Fall Term (September — November, Winter Term (February — April), and Summer Term (June — July).

2020-2021 Academic Calendar
TERM 01 – AUTUMN / October 05 — December 11, 2020
TERM 02 – WINTER / February 01 – April 09, 2021
TERM 03 – SUMMER / June 07 — August 13, 2021

Course Guide: A full course description provided by the course professor.  Similar to a syllabus, the course guide will outline the course schedule and expectations.

Brief / Prompt / Assignment / Lesson: The assignment segment of a session.

Asynchronous Learning: Learning that takes place at one’s leisure.  As outlined in the course guide, all prompts will be provided so that deadlines can be met.

Synchronous Learning: Learning that takes place in real-time or during live sessions with your course cohort and/or professor.