23 January 2024

The ‘home’ part of my @HOME Residency has been on my mind a lot this week. Memphis shut down with snow and a deep freeze. In the warmth of my house, I was reminded once again that my home is one of the many vessels my work relies on.  

Sketchbooks are another essential vessel.

I’ve slowly built my process out of these books. Here I draw from my imagination without much thought or judgment.  

I spend as much time flipping through the pages as I do drawing in them.  

I tag the drawings that are asking to live outside this contained world.

Vessels find their way into the work in cup-like forms and blobs that hold worlds unto themselves.

My physical body, though, is the most essential vessel for my work. Holding the memories of every shape I’ve ever drawn or painted, it often whispers to me on what needs doing in the studio. It requires a lot of tending to but I do keep trying. I especially like to turning this temple upside down to see the world from a different perspective. 

I have one more week of working on drawings before I shift gears from a year of facing inward and making the work to facing outward and sharing the work.  There’s nothing quite like giving the work room to breathe in yet another container, the one that shows up only here and there, but when it does I’m very grateful: the gallery container.