16 January 2024

My source material originates where life and art overlap.  Life fuels the art and the art reflects the form of my existence back to me.  

Life can turn on a dime, though, and it’s going to play out no matter what’s happening in the studio. A lot of life is happening right now and yet these have been some of my best and tenderest of days. 

The last two years have been shaped by my role as a daughter as I help my 86 year old mother navigate her last chapter. She’s been able to live alone with help from me and we’ve grown closer because of it.  Two weeks ago, though, she became much weaker so my husband and I moved her in with us. We’re figuring out a rhythm of living together on one side of the house while on the other side of the house I’m continuing to work on drawings based on drawings. Perhaps she’ll gain strength and get to go back home.

Time seems to have slowed down as I work iteratively in the studio alongside caregiving.  Take my hand, time says, the exhibition will get finished, the old gal is well-tended to, and in the realm where art and life converge, the seeds for future work are being planted.

Also, we got a rare big (for us in Memphis) snow so the city is completely shut down.  It’s so beautiful!

“An extra special treat”, as my Mom calls it.