30 January 2024

From recent studio notes:

Building the work

Having a blast

Turning my pockets insde out

Measuring time: day in, day out


Sticky web

Hugging the trees

Wind Watching

Making an offering

Finding my courage

Stating my purpose

Healing myself

Availing myself to magic

Underthinking it

Speeding up and slowing down

Devoting my life to the shapes I’ve yet to configure 

These ideas are always burbling below the surface, both when I’m not consciously aware of them and when I’m in making-mode like I am now. Hello again. 

Over the weekend I finished the last few drawings for the show. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself when they were done. I’m feeling sentimental towards these final pieces – bookends to the experience of the last year.

I’m keeping them up on my wall until the last minute, even though I know they’re just sticks on the river.