5 February 2024

Install-week finally arrived and I’m happy to report that all the work made it safe and sound across town in the rented van and the back of my car. 

Since I started the @HOME Residency in early January, the paintings for the show have been stacked in the laundry / art-storage room to make space to make drawings. It felt good to spend time with them before they left the studio.

It’s bittersweet when work leaves the house. I do get sentimental, I’ll admit.

This is by far the biggest exhibit I’ve ever had. And who knows? I may never get this much space again, so I’m trying to pay close attention to every detail of the experience, both logistically and emotionally.

After I placed all the paintings, I made a walk-through video of the layout and slept on it. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night rubik’s cubing all sorts of configurations I hadn’t considered before. The next morning I switched everything around and the placement clicked, the puzzle was solved and the work started to feel right at home.

Then it was time to hang the drawings.

Spreading them all out on the floor was an experience I’ll never forget.

Again, this gift of space has shifted my perception of what these shapes and marks can do on a bigger scale. It’s thrilling!

The registrar Jesse (center) and my dear friend Maysey (left) helped me hang 29 drawings on a 300″ wall.

I wanted it to have a salon-style feel but with room to breathe.

I think we got it.

Now that the show is up, I can breathe deeper, slow down, and let this work season.

More on the paintings, opening, and the space next week. Time for a nap. : )