12 June 2022

I wrote the start of a few track ideas this week – I allowed myself to write freely without initially editing.

It was one of those weeks where I couldn’t decide which track to focus on, so I wrote an alternative. Sometimes I require time to reflect on the work’s meaning, or to experience it in a different setting or time, to see if this brings alternative inspiration and perspectives. However, I also value the work I make and will revisit the previous pieces.

I wrote a track in response to another monochrome photo collage I recently created.

Digital instruments used:

  • Bass
  • Analogue drum kit
  • Acoustic guitar (changed to electric guitar, which was then removed after a time as to me, it felt like it was part of a separate track)
  • Three synths
  • Drum machine

I’d like to add a deeper-sounding register to this track, with samples of found sounds, as well as utilising stereo panning to add more 3D and sculptural elements to the sonic space.