05 June 2022

En Masse (Instrumental Soundtrack)

I set a timer for five minutes at the end of a long day, as I was intrigued by what my mind could create in a state of tiredness.  The following components were then added:

  • Violas with a repeating motif – I also changed the time signature so they had a swing feel.
  • A completely incongruous drum pattern for the sole purpose of creating different rhythms and sounds.
  • A drum and bass pattern was added in its place, and the original drum pattern was removed.
  • Various electronic drum elements.
  • Synth sounds which reminded me of storms and the crackling sounds of natural elements.
  • I then realised I was working on some kind of soundtrack, and started to think about the film scene it would accompany.
  • En Masse – I created this title as was thinking of stars, galaxies and the universe as I listened to the track. I felt this represented the mood.
  • I then looked at the sequencing and spacing of the sounds, and created three sections. 

I’d like to work with field recordings and found sounds, so that I can make other atmospheric soundtracks, with associated video pieces.