26 June 2022

I wanted to write a track with a title as a basis for its content.  I was thinking about terms which would reflect my experience of the artist residency – to create a synthesis of what I have learned.  I was open to whether or not I would add lyrics.

Instruments – in the main I chose those with names which referred to the natural elements, and added effects, echo or reverb, depending on what I felt was required for each section.

-Title: Word Waves

-Tempo: 148

-Time Signature: 4/4

-Key: C Major

-Sections: 4

-Bar length: 24

-Genre: Electronica

Section A

  • Mutated bass
  • Synth wave
  • Cymbal to represent a shoreline sound
  • Rainfall

Section B

  • Sunset acoustic drum kit
  • Analogue haze digital drums
  • Modular space synth
  • Natural bass

Section C

  • Future breaks synth
  • Hard rock guitar 1
  • Hard rock guitar 2

Section D

I wanted to introduce new bass sounds to build up the momentum of the track towards the end.

  • Sweeping synth
  • Bass synth

I then edited and removed elements to create space between the parts and sections, and adjusted some of the volume levels and velocity.  Panning and repetition DJ effects were also added to provide a sense of motion to replicate the movement of water.

Image – I then took photos in line with the theme of the title, which I merged, layered and edited.

Mastering – I listened to various versions before choosing the final mix.