22 May 2022

I found an abstract monochrome photo I’d taken, and thought it would be interesting to write a track in response to it.

Words which came to mind as I was looking at the image:

  • Mysterious
  • Linear
  • Abstract
  • Movement
  • Blurring
  • Monotone
  • Repeated patterns
  • Steps
  • X-ray

Track Formats:

  • Title – Hover Lines
  • Time signature – 4/4
  • Key picked at random – G# minor
  • Scale – Pentatonic
  • Three sections for the track – intro, main, outro

The order of my workflow:

I thought about sounds which would represent the mood of the image:

  • Industrial, electronic, longer sounds with reverb
  • Synth bassline


  • A minimalist drum beat with three sounds
  • Second bassline – I sang the line then located the notes on the digital bass
  • Sustained guitar synth

Main section:

  • I kept the drums, synth bass and guitar, and changed the second bass melody
  • I wanted to find a large sound which would disrupt the middle part somewhat, to represent the abstract mass in the lower left-hand side of the image
  • The underlay for this is a digital analogue synth
  • I went through various distorted and bass-heavy sounds, however none of these fit, and I ended up choosing a bending lead pad sound, which made the middle section more harmonious


  • I then tapered various parts towards the end in order to bring it to a close, adding a DJ effect to the last few bars

I was intrigued how the track syncopated itself throughout. I would also like to experiment with slowing down the pace. Creating this has inspired me to plan a video piece in response.