studioVISIT: Vishwa Shroff

studioVISIT presents: Vishwa Shroff, hosted by Amrit Singh Sandhu

“… [I]n this post-colonial attempt to reconcile, I am looking for material remains of that which recall the shared and exchanged. I am therefore looking at spaces and places that were built between the 1870s and 1960s, as they hold within them physical evidence of what makes me familiar with Bombay, London, Hong Kong and Sydney all at once, whilst they speak of the time that has passed between then and now, in the alterations they have sustained.”

Vishwa Shroff’s artistic practise is firmly rooted in drawing, with a proclivity towards architectural forms that serve as compelling take-off points for a deeper contemplation on memory and our relationship with the material world. Her works seek to explore the narratives of lived experiences that lay embedded within surfaces. Shroff trained at The Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda in 2002 and at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (UK) in 2003. She has had seven solo exhibitions in India, UK and USA, including the recently concluded Folly Measures at Tarq, Mumbai as well as several group shows. She has participated in several artist residencies, most recently at the Swiss Cottage Library in Camden 2017, London and as been the recipient of the UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists in 2011 and the Josuken Housing Research Grant in 2020 . Her work was part of TARQ’s presentation at India Art Fair 2017 and Art Basel Hong Kong 2018. Shroff is currently the co-director of SqW:Lab. She lives and works between Mumbai and Tokyo.

Image courtesy of the artist