studioELL is supporting the new collaboration: ima + stand4 at Stand4 Gallery and Community Art Center from Setpember through October 2021.

After an ambitious and successful first year of initiating and archiving digital collaborations, Intermission Museum of Art (IMA) is pleased to partner with Stand4 Gallery and Community Art Center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, to mount a physical manifestation of the archive. IMA’s archived volume i exhibitions from June 2020 through June 2021 will be included, featuring collaborations from: Jodi Hays + Ayanah Moor | Lindiwe Matshikiza + Flora Parrott | Lynn Silverman + Jason Sloan | Mira Dayal + Marina Kassianidou | Lauren K. Alleyne + Matthew Fischer | Mike Cloud + Nyeema Morgan | Aurora de Armendi + Jessica del Vecchio | Kate Casanova + Sarah Faye McPherson | Jaimini Patel + Carli Toliver | Ana Čavić + Sally Morfill | Rose van Mierlo + John Ros.

This exhibition represents a new collaboration between Stand4 Gallery and IMA whereby hosting the digital archive, Stand4 Gallery becomes IMA and vice versa. This symbiotic relationship enhances each counterpart while implementing an additional layer of collaboration. As a fictional museum and performative project, IMA challenges the status quo on the social role of museums by engaging with its fictional structures of operation. It explores the tangible effects fictionality has in the social and economic world and suggests alternative models of exhibiting while sparking meaningful conversations. Its online form enables IMA to exist in several places at once and reach multiple audiences. It is neither real nor unreal, but can be read as a critical text. Its second form is performative: IMA is both artwork and museum. It can only exist through the hospitality of others.