27 March 2022

Intentional walking – I’ve undertaken a lot this week, in an attempt to be present whilst manoeuvring between the pockets of my schedule.

The positives are that I have wandered through unknown roads, seen new buildings and sites, and joined spaces together in alternative ways both geographically and emotionally.

The feeling of returning home, knowing I committed to the journey.

Pacing through places I have lived or visited at various stages of my London life, reawakening memories and feelings. It also helped me witness previous times from alternative perspectives. Some roads seemed longer, or some shorter than I remember.

I enjoy the presence taking photographs and videos gives me. However, I made an active choice this week to note my feelings and emotions on the walks, rather than digitally document the experience. To take photos with my mind rather than a lens on this occasion, and to sense motion rather than capture it. It felt like a missed opportunity initially. However, I reminded myself that my aim was to be present in a different way in order to gain an alternative perspective – as an act towards emotional understanding and freedom.

I knew I wanted to create another video piece, therefore I will combine observational poetry written after the walks, with found sounds in response to my experience. I’m hoping this way of working will provide different characteristics in my practice.

Electric Way

Curated shadows
From table to
Two-way conversations

Combination locks and
Iron stools
A carafe of liquid neutrality equidistant
Amongst us

Punk cacti
Spray painted illuminous neon
Amid their emerald counterparts

Railway bridge graffiti
Traffic lights at lorry level
Expectant watching and directing
Patient pedestrians
Noise cancelling would be futile
At this inner city

Electric ways
Busy with
Curious roaming and inquisitivity
All appears changed
To me

Green glossy ceiling
With a golden chandelier
A hue in an unexpected place
Where other walls

What words have
Been delivered across this wooden table?
Which conversations have brought nourishment?
Or underscored fears?
Light scratches
On its enduring surface
Tear and wear

Chairs without visitors
Afternoon calm
Between the odds of empty seats and treats
Later they will be reduced
None to none

I’ve danced here
Bought crafted gifts here
Admired illustrations
And a variety of curious items
Smiled through crowds
Whilst wondering

When will my
Be launched into