23 January 2022

This week I went looking for elements of fun when visiting Bristol.  I found swings in a cafe with a window view – something unexpected and joyful.

I felt drawn to buildings with unusual shapes, or layers found in the cityscape.  I was intrigued by the visual history of reflected surfaces, in contrast with wood and stone, which have their own narrative.

I seem to be developing an interest in night photography.  I find it meditative to walk when tones and textures have alternative qualities.  Linear diagonals also made an appearance.

I have also enjoyed seeing the dynamics and layers – the view itself becomes an art palette.

My practice has also recently included obstructed or hidden elements.  I have been wondering what atmospheres would inhabit these spaces – the more layers there are, the more fictional (or real), they could become.  I would like to create sound pieces inspired by these, so they can coexist.

I recognise that for me, focus can appear when images are more abstracted.