19 March 2024

This was sunrise yesterday in Overton Park, one of the largest urban old growth forests in the country. It’s about a ten minute drive from my house.  I walk here year round, but between mid-February and mid-April I try to walk the trails daily to watch it slowly come back to life and the spring ephemerals pop. These woods are a powerhouse of vital energy.  

I get a lot of good thinking done here. I solve problems. I let go of nonsense. I see the big picture of an idea.

The other day I heard from a friend who had just gone to see my show. About this painting he said, “The dimensionality was almost psychedelic. It was as though I could walk into it.”  Then he went on to make an observation about trust I wish every viewer could have: “I wasn’t sure what I was seeing but I did recognize the feeling it evoked as I looked at it.”  

Maybe it’s the feeling of walking through the woods?

Here are two drawings in honor today’s spring equinox. Happy Spring!