15 May 2022

I experimented with an alternative time signature on this week’s track. My starting point was to create something with heavy guitars as an underlying foundation. I used the following digital instruments:

  • Bass synth
  • Electric guitars 1 and 2
  • Vocal 1 (riff)
  • Vocal 2 (counterpoint)
  • Vocal 3 and 4 (backing)
  • Vocals 5 to 8 (recurring vocal motifs towards the end – one inspired the song title)
  • Drums (kick, snare, high-hat)

The demo track has more of an electronic feel as I changed the original bass guitar to a bass synth, so that the sounds would complement each other. It is interesting to me how changing one instrument can alter the direction of a track.

I also decided to continue with the vocal motif rather than create verses and a chorus, therefore ended up being more of a dance track format.
I used DJ effects to create a remix version. It was my first time doing this, and was fun to create. The process reminds me how powerful the combination of analogue and digital sounds can be, as I started to think about how this could be performed live.

Can You

Can you begin again
Can you remember then
Can you forgive yourself
Can you unplay the game
Can you return to strength
Can you unplay your ways

Can you forgive yourself
Can you remember when
Can you return to strength
Can you begin again
Can you move in reverse
Can you forget the day
Can you embrace cliché