Paper Talks

Paper Talks EXHIBITION studioELL Gallery featuring work from studioELL's FLATFILE

The sense of motion as the eye is guided through a work of art defines its dynamic qualities and helps guide interpretation, while threading it to its surrounding space. Being in the physical presence of an artwork allows viewers the flexibility to move freely, similar to the movement that occurs within images confined by their stationary frames. By stepping into space occupied by artwork, viewers move back and forth, changing their vantages by zooming in and out, experiencing minute details to the entirety of the work.

The digital space can reverse this interaction as the viewer becomes stationary and with a few clicks, controls how the artwork moves, pushing images from one screen to the next. This alters the relationship between how images are situated and how they relate to one another. Thus, the digital space can heighten how artwork communicates, making way for new narratives and unexpected connections.

Paper Talks traces the movement of the eye with a series of dialogues between artworks, exploring the ways in which art in the digital can affect the boundaries of looking. Repeated images and shifts in scale allow for the development of new meaning as we engage with images of artwork on the screen.