Looking & Longing

This exhibition is the result of a lecture series organised by Charlie Levine for studioELL’s Spring Short Course Session — Critical Theories: Curating the Domestic. It consisted of two lectures which concluded in a set of instructions for those involved to respond to. This curatorial focused short course invited participants to use their immediate surroundings to dive into personal and art historical research and develop exhibitions and artworks around ideas of ‘home’ within their domestic space.

Looking & Longing

Jeannine Bardo
Gemma Dunford
David Flindall
Caitlin Griffiths
William Hughes
Karen Levitov
Laurie Nouchka
John Ros
Vishwa Shroff
Veeranganakumari Solanki
Melissa Staiger
Curated by Charlie Levine

This exhibition is curated into three themed rooms: Surfaces, Frames and Levels. Each ‘room’ exhibits a mix of the artists work and highlights ideas bought up as part of the workshops — bringing their natural visual surroundings to the fore.

Curatorial tropes, such as frames, plinths / shelves and the exploration of space, are evident is this series of works. The artists are all thinking curatorially with focus on context (the domestic) and space (our current environments) as much as what is within them (the objects, photographs, works of art or themselves).

The exhibition title, Looking & Longing, was a phrase used in the initial feedback to the group by the curator and still feels very relevant to the final works by the artists exhibited here.