D101i Drawing 1 Intensive

June 7, 2021July 26, 2021

Professor John Ros

This online course will introduce a series of practical drawing exercises in order to develop the way we see in relation to hand-eye coordination. As you set up your on working studio, we will explore line, tone, shape, form and mark-making using predominately charcoal. This course encourages an inventive approach to composition and introduces you to the underlying abstract forces that occur in all visual exploration. Explore the creative possibilities of drawing, gain confidence and broaden your expectations and understanding of the visual. Drawing 1 is about learning how to see and is intended for those looking to enhance representational drawing skills through experimentation. Ideal for introductory level learners, though this course is also good for those looking to broaden their portfolio as well as those looking for a newly dedicated drawing component to their practice.

Sessions meet in an online studio — a digital space that allows enrolled artists to come together and share their experiences. This course will be taught as an asynchronous/synchronous hybrid. June 07; June 21; July 05; July 19 will be asynchronous sessions. June 14; June 28; July 12; July 26 will be live, synchronous sessions held via Zoom.