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j o h n r o s
26 February 2021 11:17am

my name is john ros and my preferred pronouns are they/them

1. brooklyn, ny, us
2. installation
3. interested in investigating more performative elements, sound, and interventions beyond the gallery
4. nope
5. studio and home (couch or kitchen table)
6. agnes martin, vito acconci, adrian piper, pope.l, bruce nauman, bill traylor
7. positive — focused work in the studio, ongoing projects, etc.; negative — most everything in us politics: rise of white supremacy, supreme court, election madness, corporatism, capitalism… too much to list here
8. see attached
9. interested in learning more about social practice and how my ideas might bend in ways that connect to my broad range and different modes of working
10. see attached
11. my neighborhood… and my walk to and from the studio at least 5 days a week.
12. real: my neighborhood / virtual: i am not sure? i spend too much time in the virtual space as it is… maybe my virtual space would be a real space
13. see attached… both images of past work:

  • dust on a shelf – time drawing
  • apartment piece… more here

looking forward to the course!

tash kahn
tash kahn
28 February 2021 9:47am

Hello I’m Tash from south London
1. London, UK
2. Polaroids or concrete
3. Sculpture, painting, installation, photography
4. No
5. Kitchen table or bath
6. Robert Rauschenberg, Rachel Whiteread, Tal R
7. Positive: Covid; Negative: Covid
8. see attached
9.Art as activism has always interested me and I’d like to know more
10. see attached
11. A polaroid I took of a corner of my room in lockdown
12. All the areas I am curious about are not accessible to me – what goes on behind neighbours’ windows for instance
13. see attached (in order: me, an image of my space, a line drawing of that space cut up and collaged, aerial shot of my piece ‘Maybe I’m just a one-word kinda girl’

Tash edit.jpg
Natalia de Campos
Natalia de Campos
3 March 2021 1:34pm

welcome everyone! Natalia here. My picture may not show for now– but happy to see you here. Awaiting one more post, and I will share some info about me. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Natalia de Campos
Natalia de Campos
5 March 2021 4:30pm

Hello everyone! I am posting my answers. Look forward to one more of our class members to post as well.

  1. New York
  2. Performance, Text and Sound
  3. Interactive Media (computer based and analog), theater, video, collage, objects, installation
  4. Printmaking, watercolor
  5. Office at home, floor in the studio, the city streets, the beach
  6. Bjork (Music and experimentation), Lygia Clark (interactive art), Tadeusz Kantor (Theatre and sets), Richard Foreman (Writing, theater, sound)
  7. POSITIVE: solidarity within the #BlackLivesMatter marches and events; solidarity with climate action movements, including Brazil’s Amazon Forest; learning from activists from all walks of life, majority of non-artists; NEGATIVE: growing bias and violence on words and actions online; holding back vaccine patents for financial gain
  8. in blue, below
  9. I want to share my experience with social engagement, and a life-long of multidisciplinary collaboration. It inspires me that people look at the current personal and world events to imagine new ways to engage with other fellow humans. I am very please with the studioELL platform’s vision and how it turned into a reality – it’s full of possibilities
  10. second image below
  11. My virtual studio during the pandemic and snowstorm
  12. REAL: The ever-changing Lower East Side — where my studio is — I never get tired of it, it keeps surprising me – and it’s been hard hit by the pandemic.You see very wide economic disparities within the same few blocks. VIRTUAL: The different formats being explored for online connections with the real world during the pandemic.
  13. About me: This audio piece: 

This space below 

Catherine Harrington
Catherine Harrington
5 March 2021 5:13pm

Hello my name is Catherine and my preferred pronouns are she / her.

  1. East London UK
  2. mixed media – I have been moving around
  3. still mixed
  4. I would like to explore performance based works and making longer films
  5. it is home-office or around the home (studio lost to covid)
  6. Hans Haacke, Michael Rakowitz, Rebecca Horn, Feral Practice, Steve McQueen, Mierle Laderman Ukeles,
  7. positive – (in my work as an architect) schools in Scotland – they are really pushing the boat out in educational and zero carbon ways and are so engaged! art work – have a few collaborative works planned which is great; negative – UK leaving EU, world pandemic plus lack of movement in personal life
  8. see attached.
  9. I want to learn how to better align my artwork re: social / political engagement and collaborative working; I have been involved in an art group researching social change and activism so this will proceed from that work (; I want to develop / learn in a group setting
  10. see attached
  11. Pedestrian street near where I live – awash with “security” from CCTV
  12. I have been curious about the railway arches / underpasses near me – place for temporary artwork? Also existing carpark in London used as backdrop for a virtual performance.
  13. Chalk map – last week we were asked to make a map of our school and friends / We used to make barbecues / short film Visiting Each Other in Lockdown / Trees Talk – still from film
Catherine Harrington
Catherine Harrington
5 March 2021 5:40pm

images here – 2 portraits / my neighbourhood street – see 11. / area accessible – Underpass / Virtual – carpark with virtual performance / see 13. chalk map of high school

Cathy at Alottment Nov 2020crop.jpg
locality Mare StreetCCTV.jpg
liketoworkin railway underpass.jpg
Car park in Shoreditch,Jan2021.jpg
High school map.jpg
Catherine Harrington
Catherine Harrington
5 March 2021 5:44pm

rest of 13. We used to make barbecues / short film Visiting Each Other in Lockdown / Trees Talk – still from film

We used to make barbeques.jpg
Trees talk film still.jpg
Natalia de Campos
Natalia de Campos
5 March 2021 10:16pm

Hi Catherine, did you want to attach images? They didn’t come through on your post.

Catherine Harrington
Catherine Harrington
6 March 2021 5:05am

hi Natalia
They are situated below in the 2 reply comments below my post. I had forgotten that with this website there is no editing of a post once sent. – so attached images in following messages.

Natalia de Campos
Natalia de Campos
6 March 2021 12:26pm

Thank you!