F302i SESSION 04

Tuesday, 28 April 2020


__ learn about ways collage has been used by other artists
__ learn a bit of the history of collage
__ create two collages of your interior space
__ continue to develop skills and confidence with collage

Ellen Gallagher: Cutting | Art21 “Extended Play”
Mark Bradford: Paper | Art21 “Extended Play”
Kara Walker: Starting Out | Art21 “Extended Play”
William Kentridge: “Breathe” | Art21 “Extended Play”

our interior spaces are extensions of us. we build and arrange and curate often without even knowing. our physical ticks — unconscious movements — obsessions of space — help form our daily rituals. these unmeasured happenings build through time. depending on how we live, what our stresses are, how we cope, these moments crescendo, they fade, the hum throughout our day.

in your sketchbook, contemplate some of your movements — your rituals. how do you carve out parts of the day to create space specifically for you? for others? and how do these expectations of space bend in new circumstances? — like when we invite others into our space? — or when we are forced to stay home? how do our expectations bend in new space? do you have a favorite spot? when are you most productive? how does your space feel? smell? sound? contemplate all of this in your sketchbook.

after having some time to contemplate and write, find two spots in your home. again, sit with them, this time sketching them out. keep the image simple yet informative. thinking in collage, consider how you might build the space. forms, lines, textures, colors, tones, values, layers, etc. what material makes the most sense for this space? what substrate? along with the sketch, add some contextual notes. remind yourself of thoughts as they come to you. reference how you think things should be now. allow yourself to visit these notes and talk yourself into and out of these initial decisions. enjoy the evolution and the process.

as with recent assignments, spend a good amount of time playing without gluing. arrange and rearrange and arrange again. but also, maybe consider just going with instinct. allow improvisation to take hold and lay down material on top of material. f you’ve been more careful considering composition in the past, be more spontaneous. take more risks. allow the image to develop on its own.

take photos of your process. refer back to them.

complete two interior collages. once you are happy with your composition and layout, finish the piece by adhering everything down to the substrate.

post your images in the classroom and tell us a bit about your journey. all work must be submitted by thursday @ 12noon (nyc time) and all students must check back and comment on at least one other student’s work by 2p (nyc time).


  • j o h n r o s: ah! i missed jodi's mention of the kitchen background being tyvek ......
  • jodi hays: Whoa! What lovely work! The print and pattern (Emma), the color and...
  • j o h n r o s: i am so thrilled with all your creations this week! ... what...
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charlie levine
29 April 2020 4:26am

This brief has come at a very interesting time, the wonderful Zarina Hashmi passed away last week. I have been a fan of her work for a long time and am taking inspiration from her series Home is a Foreign Place in particular > https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/499720#:~:targetText=Home%20is%20a%20Foreign%20Place%201999&targetText=Zarina's%20prints%20have%20a%20refined,tenuous%20meanings%20of%20%22home.%22
Here are some first thoughts / reactions to my domestic space, collage and Zarina.

jodi hays
jodi hays
29 April 2020 2:50pm

This has been a great way to anticipate and sink into where I am. I love seeing Zarina’s work, thank you Charlie! I have been thinking, for some time, about James Baldwin’s quote “Perhaps home is not a place but a irrevocable condition.”

My studio is in my back yard, and I spend a fair amount of time in the dining room/my office and reading chair. It’s also where the kids have been distance-learning alongside me. Our family also spends much of our time in the kitchen, looking out windows at our neighbor’s rooftops.

jodi hays
jodi hays
29 April 2020 2:54pm

I have enjoyed thinking about scale and ratio. Though my studio work is abstraction, it is all landscapes/interiors to me 🙂 I loved hearing form Ellen Gallagher’s cut and poofed work on paper. And Mark Bradford! We had a tornado tear thorough my block a month ago. Just this morning I picked up some Tyvek paper (the gridded green paper in the “Kitchen” collage). And Kara Walker’s encouragement that deepening our relationship to priorities is never a geographical “demotion”. Having made an early decision not to live in NY for my art (at least for now), this was a welcomed sentiment.

emma davis
30 April 2020 11:17am

In the nick of time, my wifi is back up and running. I’ve been moving on along the lines of the last collages, which maybe have less to do with my living space than images I’ve intuitively collected or found on my travels. It’s been raining hard and so tricky to get to my studio (can’t take the bus, cycling hard work in pelting rain) so took photos of my flat and local area but with most places shut and without a decent printer I found it easier to work with magazines and found images than photos.

emma davis
30 April 2020 11:23am

images from inside my home which link up with work here ….

collage home1.JPG
collage home2.JPG
collage home7.JPG
emma davis
30 April 2020 11:25am

three more details – my work looks quite messy compared to Charlie’s – I’m getting sparse- envy

collage home9.JPG
collage home12.JPG
collage home14.JPG
emma davis
30 April 2020 11:34am

Charlie I love the almost Asian simplicity of your choices.
Jodi – these narrative collages remind me of Patrick Caulfield …comment image

charlie levine
30 April 2020 12:35pm

Sorry this is late! So I was thinking about home and like you, Jodie, I don’t just sit in one place to work. These are images from three key working spaces I’ve drawn and coloured using the liquid from the drink I was drinking at the time in each place – tea, water, peach juice. I also thought about part of the reason I move around the flat is because of who needs the better wifi and when between me and my partner so we both move round the flat throughout the day and…

charlie levine
30 April 2020 12:38pm

…and then I thought of Zarina and how in the last session how the paper moved across the page thanks to the wind through my window on my (infamous) yellow table, also of the work of Vishwa Shroff and created a drawing of our flat and how we move around it together. I have made a few of these but just sharing three here.

j o h n r o s
30 April 2020 2:04pm

i am so thrilled with all your creations this week! … what a great end to the course! i decided to record a loom-like video for my last group comments. charlie, i just missed your final pieces. sorry! love how they connect back to zarina, but also last weeks pieces… and of course, i thought of vishwa. here she is in mumbai at one of our SqW:Lab open studios with rosie van mierlo.

here are my final group notes /


comment image

jodi hays
jodi hays
1 May 2020 6:50am

Whoa! What lovely work! The print and pattern (Emma), the color and selection (Charlie!).

j o h n r o s
1 May 2020 10:59am

ah! i missed jodi’s mention of the kitchen background being tyvek … as relating to bradford! 🙂