F302i SESSION 03

Friday, 24 April 2020


__ learn about ways collage has been used by other artists
__ learn a bit of the history of collage
__ create a series of collages with a common theme
__ continue to develop skills and confidence with collage



think about how artists have used seriality to accentuate a theme or develop a body of work. why do you think they chose to build something cumulatively, with connectivity, or in successive parts? how do you feel the multiple relates to the message in the work? how might the multiple relate to your work? consider these things in your notebook.

now, think about something you might want to say within a series. it can be anything… a collection of portraits, a narrative, a journey, an accumulation, a list, a visualization of your favorite audio album… anything! consider what would be the best substrate for this. we’ve seen some artists use a book of post cards, or a pair of books to tell a more complete story. we have also seen series work on the same size and type of paper. this project can be executed in a recycled magazine, and old book, calendar, sketchbook — or any type of similar loose pages that come together to tell a whole story.

again, contemplate these ideas in your sketchbook. the substrate might be chosen because its all you have around. but how might the context or the theme shift what you choose?

once you’ve decided what to work on, its time to proceed with the actual images. play with pieces on the page. you may find working in a book is harder to work on a few at a time. how will you over come this? play — move pieces around — cut — tare — rip — score — fold — play with opposing colors, textures, forms, surfaces. cut bound pages, create windows, doors, tunnels. cut, tape, layer, mix, match, repeat.

as with our recent assignments, spend a good amount of time playing without gluing. arrange and rearrange and arrange again. take photos of your process. refer back to them. these might become even more helpful than before as we work serially and think about multiple images telling one story. in the end you should have at least three images in the series — but aim for more — five, eight? ten?

once you are happy with your composition and layout, finish the piece by adhering everything down to the substrate.

post your images in the classroom and tell us a bit about your journey. all work must be submitted by monday @ 12noon (nyc time) and all students must check back and comment on at least one other student’s work by 2p (nyc time).


  • jodi hays: I love the lectures, John. And took some notes on Emma's color...
  • charlie levine: @Emma - your blue piece of the mountain - want! @Jodie -...
  • j o h n r o s: I LOVE THIS SESSION!! you all killed it! make me so proud....
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charlie levine
24 April 2020 3:58am

What a great way to start my Friday morning with a lecture by you, John! Thank you – and a great introduction to some artists I was not aware of (Mike Cloud shockingly) and also some favourites (Tash Kahn, Lorna Simpson, Kara Walker). Totally inspired by this lecture, the sunshine on my yellow table and this brief – looking forward to playing.

charlie levine
24 April 2020 4:24am

Got a bit carried away this morning…first set of 3 of 3…inspired by all your comments and feedback, also looking at this as an extension of what I already do on my instagram, something I know John has been keen for me to do. I fight with thinking of having a creative practice outside of my curatorial one, so these sessions has really pushed me to let go and play. And thank you to everyones feedback – it definitely has given me confidence.

charlie levine
24 April 2020 4:26am

2 of 3

charlie levine
24 April 2020 5:12am

3 of 3 are films, here’s a link to youtube to view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvVFMrruQL4&feature=youtu.be

jodi hays
jodi hays
24 April 2020 2:53pm

Just got to view the lecture, thank you John. Giving me some great fodder for this round. Thanks for the Matisee reminder!

j o h n r o s
24 April 2020 5:49pm

yay! happy the lecture was well received. my first time doing one like this on studioELL! i think it functions… though i want to figure out how to have my image there too… like loom. i’ll get there.

so… my pedagogical interest most lies in developing the unique visual language of each artist i teach — regardless of level — even in drawing 01 / foundations — i think it is important to start pulling that sense out in students. i say this because i usually wait to share lectures like this one until we have made some advancements in the studio. there is lots of struggling… and i think many good things come of it. this usually makes many students angry with me. back to the bearden essay — i know it is important to look — and we must constantly be looking. but we also must practice and shape and form and unfold. so though many of my students tell me i should start courses with lectures early on, rather than later throughout, i stand by my reasoning, if for nothing else, to make them suffer a bit more 🙂

enjoy the weekend!

jodi hays
jodi hays
25 April 2020 2:39pm

i have been looking at rauchenberg’s fabric “spreads.” and was recalling some works i saw of ruth root in vogue a few years back. she created (i think for a community center) these amazing stacks of books with interleaving bookmarks. some of the best work i have ever seen. so these are in efforts to channel some of that heft, playfulness, and decisive permissiveness.

jodi hays
jodi hays
25 April 2020 2:40pm

Hey all! I had a great time trying to “find the sky” with these. I have been using a lot of found, tattered and stained fabric in my work, so I had hoped to bump up the color and playfulness for this session. i took out a potholder i’d sourced from goodwill, and began to kind of DJ some works around it.

I also have to credit my daughter’s studio spot. she (4.5 years) has a full-on spot in my studio. i really love that my studio is pretty much my space. when i must really get to work she is banished, but until then i have some great stuff to copy. the makes these little letter form (of course) objects that sit around.

IMG_8729 (1).JPG
IMG_8730 (1).JPG
jodi hays
jodi hays
25 April 2020 2:43pm

some details of the grouping

IMG_8732 (1).JPG
IMG_8733 (1).JPG
charlie levine
27 April 2020 3:57am

@jodi – the colours – they feel very representative of an energetic co-working space with your daughter, very hopeful. I love the pic of all the pieces together.

emma davis
27 April 2020 11:16am

I have trouble uploading to this site… second time lucky. Irreverent destruction of kept gallery cards and images mixed with fancy paper (very teenage) and post it notes

emma davis
27 April 2020 11:27am

Final fifth attempt to load my last image

emma davis
27 April 2020 11:30am

Feel I’m in the company of great talent and assurance… Jodie i really like the fabric and the reference to Rauschenberg (who I’d have forgotten unless you’d reminded me) so there is a ‘feminine’ and pop art wink in your works.
Charlie – the yellow is legendary… already. And so sophisticated. This is such a great collection all coming together so quickly…

j o h n r o s
27 April 2020 3:15pm

I LOVE THIS SESSION!! you all killed it! make me so proud. you know i rarely use caps! ha! seriously though, there is so much fun and excitement in the playfulness of investigation here. well done all of you.

here are my more thorough notes:

charlie levine
28 April 2020 1:08pm

@Emma – your blue piece of the mountain – want!
@Jodie – you two small pieces (yellow and grey, blue and red) – want!
@John – I’m totally feeding off your lovely energy in this response, thank you, hope this can continue into the next session….

jodi hays
jodi hays
1 May 2020 8:52am

I love the lectures, John. And took some notes on Emma’s color and Charlie’s use of the book.