F401i SESSION 03

in two parts… because my phone rang in-between… ugg. sorry!


Proposals & Opportunities
01. Writing Proposals
02. Preparing for the exhibit
03. After the exhibit & Continuing your practice
04. @ the Residency

Research exhibit and grant opportunities. Make a list of at least 4 feasible applications. Select one opportunity and start compiling the material for it. Share with the group in the online studio by Thursday, 25 June @ 12noon.

Hanging 2-D Work


  • j o h n r o s: we can discuss this in our session today :)
  • Lacey Minor: What I plan on submitting as an exhibition proposal to The Iridian...
  • Lacey Minor: What I plan on submitting to Woman Made's virtual exhibition "Loss:"  ...
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Martha Hemingway
Martha Hemingway
24 June 2020 8:04am

ARCHIVING!! So fun 🙂 Honestly, for me, the thing that makes the biggest difference is sticking to a consistent nomenclature for the files (huge fan of using underscores and hyphens instead of spaces, thanks John!!) and not being afraid of making folders and folders in Matryoshka doll style. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing a huge list of files – even if they’re well-named – feels so daunting to look at. I’d much rather have them really excavated and broken down into sub-folders wherever possible.
For the “what do you do?” question – after my BFA show, specifically, I took a long (for me) break from painting. At first, I just felt so tired that I needed to breathe for a while. I did a lot of running. But then I took some trips with friends to see new places, I reorganized EVERYTHING I kept in my studio space, I talked at length with studio friends about other forms of art (like dissecting music, films, books) and I started independently researching and learning media completely new to me – things I had not really entertained notions of for myself. I think I actually even sat down one day and made a list of everything that makes me excited to create something – moments when I’ve not been in the studio but wanted more than anything to be – and just making that list, while questioning why I put certain things on there, got me fired up!
I think that so much about what I do and want to make has potential to exist because of the connections I feel to other people; so really trying independently to find contemporary artists whose works resonate, and keeping up with them has been something new for me this year. But the other thing that has really helped me in the past year, above most other tactics, has been a sort of accountability pact I made with a studio friend not too long after graduation. We check in with each other frequently throughout the week, have even dedicated specific days to studio work, and I’ve found that knowing that there’s one another person in this with you – even if you’re not doing the same thing or physically in the same space – is super encouraging. John, what you were saying about some artists you interact with being friends, mentors, critics, soulmates, all that – I think they’re so important to recognize and hold on to once you do!!

jodi hays
jodi hays
24 June 2020 8:22am

i am away from my normal desk/laptop situation so sending hand written notes on opportunities that are up in the next month of my time. love the idea of a studio swap!!!

Martha Hemingway
Martha Hemingway
25 June 2020 12:11am

Some opportunities I’ve been researching –

  • Arts Council of the Valley: Advancing the Arts Grant – Creative Inspiration (not sure if this one is going to happen this year like usual under the circumstances, but I believe that typically grant info for the fall cycle opens up in July, applications due around October)
  • Arts Council of the Valley: Exhibition proposal (Due May 15 for the following year – so this would give a lot of time to really flesh out an idea if I aim for 2022) < leaning towards this
  • VMFA Fellowship Program 2021-2022 – professional individual or maybe collaborative (application due November 5, and no application fee! Woohoo!)
  • Torpedo Factory Art Center: 2021 Post-Grad Residency (I think info about these dates usually shows up in the summer for the following year)
  • Torpedo Factory Art Center: Target Gallery Exhibition, In My Head, In My Body (juried; application deadline July 12, exhibition in October-December)

And I agree – the idea of a studio swap sounds like a fantastic and fun time!!

Lacey Minor
Lacey Minor
25 June 2020 12:19am
Lacey Minor
Lacey Minor
25 June 2020 3:29am

What I plan on submitting to Woman Made’s virtual exhibition “Loss:”

  1. CV (attached below)
  2. Statement (attached below, “Roots of Icarus”)
  3. 3 pieces:

Photograph (attached below, “Minor To Live He Must Be Buried”)
Video Link: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgWUH8Jn4a-cjVXAUMBXTgqHkEBR
Lumen Print (attached Below, “Minor_Icarus’ Respite”)
What I plan on submitting to RhizomeDC’s open call:

  1. CV (attached below)
  2. Statement (attached below, “Roots of icarus”)
  3. Link to video submission: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgWUH8Jn4a-cjVXAUMBXTgqHkEBR

Is it a bad idea to send complete video work through email? Should it be watermarked?
The website says to send links, statements, and any other information pertaining to your work to a personal email address. Is that sketchy?

Last edited 2 years ago by Lacey Minor
Lacey Minor
Lacey Minor
25 June 2020 3:33am
Reply to  Lacey Minor

What I plan on submitting as an exhibition proposal to The Iridian Gallery:

  1. CV (attached above)
  2. Statement (attached below, “Lacey_Minor_Statement_PreyTell”)
  3. Images (attached below, 01-04)


j o h n r o s
25 June 2020 9:53am
Reply to  Lacey Minor

we can discuss this in our session today 🙂