F401i SESSION 01


Introductions & Culture
01. Introductions
02. Setting our goals & understanding the rules
03. Understanding your studio practice
04. Studio visits
05. Networking

TODO / Swap digital studio visits with one another. Share screen shots in the online studio and discuss what you discovered. Complete by Thursday, 18 June @ 12noon.

john cage rules
studio visit rules
grayson perry video
networking video
form & content lists




  • Martha Hemingway: Jodi, I'm geeking out at your studio - could stare at the...
  • Martha Hemingway: Of course!! Here's the link - it's at big time WIP status...
  • jodi hays: Good looking through statements and IG presences. And John, all the web...
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j o h n r o s
18 June 2020 1:14pm

i will be looking through your statements and sending back to you (hopefully by today).

jodi hays
jodi hays
15 June 2020 5:13pm
Martha Hemingway
Martha Hemingway
21 June 2020 11:35am
Reply to  jodi hays

Jodi, I’m geeking out at your studio – could stare at the pieces in the first picture, especially, for hours. Really appreciate that idea of keeping a growing document with words about your practice, influences, etc – “long ruminating essay” < I love that. When did you start keeping that? For me, I know that stream-of-consciousness writing often helps me to wrap my mind around where I am at a given moment, but I’ve never considered keeping a truly living sort of library like this (thank you so much for this idea) – starting one today!!

j o h n r o s
16 June 2020 1:26pm

here is a copy of my new artist statement as well as an installation artist statement… by new i mean the first page statement was written about 10 months ago. the installation statement has been my running statement for about three years. also probably due for a refresh.

Lacey Minor
Lacey Minor
18 June 2020 12:52am

Heyo! I have two statements attached below, one is my end of semester statement from the past semester, and the other is a working statement I’ve been using for my current body of work.
As for web presence, I really don’t have one. Here is a link to my instagram which is a personal account, but also an art dumping ground:
if that link doesn’t work my handle is @minor_offense
Martha and I had a studio visit through Google Hangouts. We screen shared so we could look at images of each other’s work. I thought it might be a bit difficult to have a studio visit online, but it actually worked really well! When I have in-person studio visits, I am pretty intentional about what I have out on view. I was ill-prepared for this online visit as I just kind of had rabbit-holes of files to sift through that I hadn’t picked out or edited for our visit, so in future I would definitely put more thought into that. My other observation would be, for future studio visits, I might put together some sort of pdf with images to send beforehand, because silence while looking at work while video chatting is definitely more deafening than in person. I didn’t feel uncomfortable with Martha, but with someone I didn’t know at all I think I would have felt really rushed to look at any images of work while video chatting.

j o h n r o s
18 June 2020 1:11pm
Reply to  Lacey Minor

i love the learning process through this! i am happy that you both figured it and and had a successful time together. there is no one way to do this. yes, sending a .pdf ahead of time is good… but also being on your device and walking someone around the physical studio can also work! and any variation there within. i purposely made it open ended because during this time (of lock-down) — and beyond — you will navigate the best ways to stay connected with others. i regularly have digital visits with artists around the country and world… pre-covid… and will continue this practice. if anything, i’ve gotten better since i’ve been doing it more.

Martha Hemingway
Martha Hemingway
18 June 2020 7:45am

Hi there!! 🙂
Here is a screen shot of us mid-discussion about Lacey’s fabulous lumen prints! Like Lacey said, it did go really well! We did spend a while in silence as we each looked through the other’s images; I’d agree that maybe it could help to each have some time before meeting to spend additional time with the work/make notes, because one thing Lacey and I talked about was how, in person, you could easily spend an entire visit just taking in and reflecting on one piece to give it a fraction of the time it deserves!
In our visit, I really appreciated the chance for each of us to come into the other’s work with a fresh perspective; Lacey brought my attention back to moments in work I had all but abandoned, but which hold conceptual and formal elements I didn’t realize I have been trying to find again for some time (thank you for all the kind and helpful words, Lacey!!).
As for web presence – my website is in some deep reconstructive surgery, but I do also have an Instagram account that started off as a personal account and transitioned to a space for me to share bits of what I’m working on: https://www.instagram.com/marthahemingway_/ – handle is just marthahemingway_
Lastly – I’ve attached a statement below that is mostly about a year old, with some edits from more recently in 2020, but certainly is a working statement; I’m realizing that words I would have used even eight months ago to discuss my process or place in all of this are wildly different from how I would speak to it now – I feel like I’m on an entirely different plane of existence…

j o h n r o s
18 June 2020 1:13pm

even though your site needs reconstructive surgery… might we have a look? 🙂 it might help to see what you are working with. today’s lecture discusses websites … so it will be a good time to have a look and re-calibrate. as i’ve said above… i am happy you both had a successful time together sharing studio visits!

Martha Hemingway
Martha Hemingway
21 June 2020 11:24am
Reply to  j o h n r o s

Of course!! Here’s the link – it’s at big time WIP status right now – there a lot of placeholder things, and I’m considering even moving to a different site? I’m taking a look into the list of different sites you gave in the second lecture, because I’m not sure I’m in love with Wix. I’ve tried Weebly, too, but wasn’t a huge fan of that either. Anyway, here it is, in the midst of lots of updating: https://marthahemingway.wixsite.com/marthahemingwayart

jodi hays
jodi hays
20 June 2020 8:14am

Good looking through statements and IG presences. And John, all the web presences (love your collab with Tash).
I am in the middle of moving my Dadu projects on to my web site (didn’t want to use weebly anymore, kept getting hacked). And I really love the web host I have, a friend from undergrad days (icompendium). highly recc, run by an artist.
thanks for sharing all! i have had quite a few studio visits digitally during quarantine. it DOES work! however, i had one planned with a curator/artist whom i do not know as well. we decided not to try it in quarantine, as i don’t think it would translate well with not knowing each other’s work super well. mutual decision.
on the other hand, i had an impromptu studio visit the other day with another painter who shows at the same gallery w me here in nashville. we have seen each others work a lot and i had not prepped the space for a visit. but it was so good to talk painter speak and materials and ideas within materials. best first studio visit ever. but again, he has seen my last 4 shows and I his. there was a shorthand that could overlook my crazy messy space right now.