F405i Special Projects: Creating Your Archive
April 24, 2020 — May 8, 2020

Professor Jodi Hays

Please make yourself familiar with the online classroom.  Before friday, 24 April 2020, please answer the following questions in the online classroom:

– What are you reading?
– What do you usually listen to when you are working in the studio?
– Who is your artistic soulmate? (who inspires you time-and-time-again, who are you
always excited by — could be a painter, dancer, writer, actor, etc.?)
– What’s the best meal you cooked this week?
– Please provide an image of yourself.
– Please share an image of your workspace.


  • emma davis: Me, studio fox and tree
  • emma davis: What are you reading? India Knight, The Thrift Book. Maud Pember, Round...
  • Andy: Requisite images:)
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21 April 2020 3:22pm

I’m dipping in and out of, Making Comics by Lynda Barry & Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction by Lisa Kroger &. Melanie R. Anderson.
I’m currently taking an online short course through the University of Glasgow on Robert Burns so I’m mostly reading his poems and songs.

Studio listening:
If I’m doing something repetitive that doesn’t need my attention, I’ll listen to podcasts but if I’m working on something that needs creative thought then I have an ever-evolving playlist of favorites that changes with my mood. See also: the next answer.

Artistic soulmate:
I thought my way through a list but landed back with the first person who immediately came to mind – my friend Iain Archer, who’s a songwriter, musician & producer. We’ve known each other for getting close to 3 decades. I’ve moved location and country in my life several times. Our friendship is one of the longest I have. Which means his work is a constant thread that ties my own threads together – of multiple places & the different life chapters/experiences/ideas/identities they represent. Because I’m not a musician I don’t feel any need to compare myself to him, despite my admiration for his achievements. He inspires emotionally honesty in me. The work that’s most authentically “me” (be that to myself or others who know me well) has largely been produced with his work as my studio soundtrack.

The best meal I’ve cooked this week was pea & mint risotto served alongside lamb roasted with fresh rosemary.

Images of me and studio…

jodi hays
jodi hays
21 April 2020 9:56pm

Hi All! Thank you so much for diving into this topic and workshop with me!

I am reading CD Wright, Ninth Street Women, and Ross Gay’s latest book of poems. I listen to podcasts, but generally NPR in the studio and a rare podcast. But I prefer silence. I have 3 kids, my life is generally loud. My studio needs to be a space where I can go deep, real quick.

I am into Joanne Greenbaum’s paintings, CD Wright’s words, Philip Guston, Eva Hesse and curator Helen Molesworth. Meals are rough with homeschool and everything else, but I made a happy avacado smoothie the other day. More pointedly, I listened to On Being with Ellen Davis, on the morality of food. Very oof-worthy.

Studio in my garage and myself at the Whitney bathroom (like you do).

j o h n r o s
22 April 2020 7:03am

reading /
i am always in-between a few things… i am currently reading parts of charlies lyell’s principles of geology for a curatorial project i am working on. i am also going between toni morrison’s the origin of others and pablo helguera’s education for socially engaged art.

listen /
wqxr… nyc’s classical music station, or wbgo, newarks jazz station. wfuv is also usually fun.

artistic soulmate /
hmmm… lately i have been thinking alot about pope l., adrian piper and vito acconici.

meal /
cooking a decent amount these days. looking forward to some potato and cheese enchiladas this coming week.

pic of me and louise… and my studio

Cherith Lundin
23 April 2020 11:12am

Reading: Piles of books around me signify life’s possibilities – these piles simply start appearing in rooms I spend time in…. One stack right now includes Blind Spot by Teju Cole, Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli (although I had to stop reading because it became too real), and several detective novels to distract myself before bed; another includes Elizabeth Bishop’s poems, a little Japanese “Dictionary of Color Combinations” from the 1930s that I just drool over but haven’t figured out yet how to actively use it, and Helen Molesworth’s book on Manny Farber; another has a bunch of library books on early 20th c. abstractionists (Klee, Delaunays, Alberses), and a catalog from a show on intersections between art and anthropology, which was in preparation for a summer research trip to Mexico in collaboration with a friend who is an anthropologist (that we just had to cancel…)

Listening: These days I seem to need silence – there is so much going on in my life during the rest of my day. But there are some studio activities where I need voices to distract my mind, whether podcasts or someone singing a tune, and other activities where I need just sound – perhaps ambient or Bach Cello concertos.

Artistic soulmate:Teresita Fernandez and William Kentridge. Both use materials in constantly evolving, evocative ways, and are so different from each other, and so different from me.

Food: Right now, I am actively encouraging my 12-year-olds’ budding culinary interests. He made a mean Bolognese sauce that included lentils of all things this past week. However, we’re trying not to encourage his perfecting of focaccia too much, because it tends to disappear within the hour…

jodi hays
jodi hays
24 April 2020 7:36am

Excited to begin with you guys!

Alexandria Roland
Alexandria Roland
24 April 2020 5:05pm

At the moment I’m in the middle of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and The Plague by Albert Camus, but I’ve also been flipping through this tiny book on Ingres as well as Design as Art by Bruno Munari.

Most of what I listen to in the studio depends on my energy for the day. Since I’ve been out of work, I’ve been able to have a steady daytime studio routine, and I’ve been in the mood to listen to a few Oscar Peterson playlists as well as some Townes Van Zandt. I also keep my windows open when I work to listen to my neighborhood in the background.

I am always excited to see BrokenFingaz graffiti work (they are a street art crew out of Haifa, Israel), long-time lover of Do Ho Suh’s installations, and I’ve been looking through Joanna Pousette-Darts paintings.

My boyfriend and I have been perfecting our own steamed dumpling recipe, which has been pretty fun. I’ve also been making a few variations of banana bread, and I’ll be whipping up a mean vegan chili this weekend, if it’s not too hot.

My tiny, but cozy studio in my room, for bigger projects I can work in our basement, and a pic of myself 🙂

Melissa Dunn
Melissa Dunn
24 April 2020 5:41pm

Reading –
Sing Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward

Studio Listening –
Mostly quiet, but the new Fiona Apple record Fetch the Bolt Cutters has been in heavy rotation.

Artistic Soulmate –
Oh, this is hard – Patti Smith, Agnes Martin, and Jane Goodall are always around

Best Meal –
tofu stir fry

25 April 2020 1:18pm

Just started James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games. Historically, I like to listen to Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Daniel Lanois compositions, Boniver, etc. Lately, I’ve been into Lucius, old Michael Penn, Weyes Blood… I’ve been pretty inspired by the artists of the Mono-ha movement for the past 20 years…Nobuo Sekine and Lee Ufan in particular. Tacos.

25 April 2020 6:00pm

Requisite images:)

emma davis
26 April 2020 8:57am

What are you reading?
India Knight, The Thrift Book. Maud Pember, Round about a Pound a Week – a social reformers view of urban poor in London at the turn of the 20th century.
– What do you usually listen to when you are working in the studio?
Nothing. Maybe talk radio if I am pottering like Radio 4. If I’m working headphones and something on repeat.
– Who is your artistic soulmate? (who inspires you time-and-time-again, who are you
always excited by — could be a painter, dancer, writer, actor, etc.?)
I just watched Robert de Niro tonight – he inspires. Currently Jasper Johns springs to mind. Howard Hodgkin. Mark Rothko. Louise Bourgeois.
– What’s the best meal you cooked this week?
Roast chicken with all the trimmings (Half the point of this is to say ‘trimmings’)

emma davis
26 April 2020 9:04am

Me, studio fox and tree