28 May, 2024

I made this drawing in my sketchbook with charcoal pencil and marker when I was out of town and it’s been talking to me all week.   

What’s it saying?  Make more marks!  

I also made a couple of more printer glitch drawings this week.  This slow repetitive part of the process can last for a long time, but it’s where ideas burble up.  If I do a little every day, doors open to unexpected places, like this one I did in color.  I’m excited to mess around with a bunch of different color schemes this week.

This darker version makes me want experiment in the opposite direction – no color, obliterating the division even more. 

It’s satisfying to have something to play with as I start some open range studio time, which is what June brings.  In preparation, I did the quarterly studio mop yesterday. My studio welcomes me with open arms as summer begins and I start the baby steps towards a new body of work. It smells good in here too.