11 June, 2024

It’s been a beautifully quiet week. Each day had some wiggle room for whatever – I played guitar, made drawings, read a lot, finally watched Dune part 2. (I loved it. I read the whole series during lockdown. I kind of wish it were a long tv series because the books get so weird.)  

These two drawings from this week were fun because my only goal with them was to play with color pencil. Also, I drew a big chunk of each during two long phone calls catching up with a couple of old friends. I rarely have phone conversations anymore, but when I do I love talking while making.

Here are some things on my mind that I want think about more in the coming days. I’m keeping it as a list for now, applying ‘wait and see’:

  • To “Wait and see” is difficult because doing nothing is hard
  • There are actions that are invisible
  • Curiosity and observation may seem passive but they’re actions
  • If I frame art as an experience, what is the experience of making a drawing?
  • Shifting perspective – I imagine seeing from my world a from a spider’s point of view in the corner of my studio where the ceiling meets the wall
  • Shapes within shapes

For scale, here they are on my wall next to paint brushes.

This week I hope to start some new paintings. I’m ready. Maybe I’ll paint these two drawings?