AUTUMN TERM runs October 05 — December 11, 2020


P201i/P301i Intermediate & Advanced PaintingONLINE

October 5, 2020December 11, 2020

10 weeks / 10 sessions / 600$

Professor Alfonso Fernandez

This course will take a deep dive into understanding how we approach & speak to painting as an art form, both in contemporary practices and throughout tradition. We’ll consider how to contextually express visual aspects through painting. Considering Gestalt visual principles and the elements and principles of art and design as a language, we’ll translate what we see in the world — to see painting as a means to communicate our views — from the political, to the environmental, and within socioeconomic structures. This course will comprise of short lectures, videos of conversations with a diverse body of visiting artists, and critique guests, all in the online studio. It will provide practical applications, simple techniques, and expert advice in working within the contemporary field of painting.

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F403i Developing Practice: Evolving ApproachONLINE

October 5, 2020November 1, 2020

4 weeks / 4 sessions / 240$

Professor Azikiwe Mohammed

As the concerns of makers become more linked to our daily lives, as the line between personal and public erode in our increasingly more connected times, how does this reflect in our practice? How does this manifest in the things we make and experiences we both provide for the public and hope for them to have while interacting with our work? In Developing Practice, both a portfolio review class and teaching space for new means of approach we look to address these questions and build on the practices artists already have while making sure the outcome is the desired one and not an end point we reached by happenstance. Do the materials dictate who has access to our ideas? How much does site matter? Does our increasing interconnectivity make producing work more difficult, and if so, how do we adjust for these factors oft out of our control? Participants in this seminar should have work already in progress (all mediums considered but preference for physical objects) with ideas how to further the work they already have or a desire to flush the work out further / make an interconnected body of work.

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F305h Critical Theories: Curating InteriorsHYBRID / ONLINE & NYC

October 12, 2020November 21, 2020

6 weeks / 7 sessions / 420$

Professor Charlie Levine & John Ros

A combination of lectures and projects — part practical, part theoretical — this curatorial focused hybrid course will use our immediate surroundings to dive into research and develop exhibitions and projects around interior spaces. Co-taught both online and in person (in NYC), we will look at previous projects where curators and artists have challenged how and where art exhibitions are disseminated. We will curate our own exhibits in our immediate spaces and be challenged to think of traditional and non-traditional ways of developing exhibits. We also look at specific exhibitions and imagery of familiar domestic spaces through artists eyes and respond to these images through the curators lens. Final projects will be featured in a special digital exhibit.

This course will be taught both online and in-person. In-person meetings will take place Monday's (02 NOV; & 16 NOV @ 10a) at Stand4 Gallery and Community Art Center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Those enrolled in the course who are unable to physically be present (due to location or COVID restrictions) will be able to join in through video conference. These sessions will also be recorded if unavailable during the meeting time. Lectures and prompts will be given on a weekly basis and all discussion will commence in studioELL's online studio.

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F405i Special Projects: Creating Your ArchiveONLINE

October 25, 2020November 15, 2020

4 weeks / 4 sessions / 240$

Professor Jodi Hays

Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the elements of archive in your studio, as both organization and process tool. This short course will focus on practice and will promote research around studio habits and organization that can inform an efficient personal collection for your working process. We will look into modes and benefits of physical and digital archiving methods and techniques with an emphasis on materials to better develop ideas. In the end, you will gain a better understanding of the tools of archive and how to better build and utilize your "collections", leveraging family keepsakes, sketchbook habits, daily walking and image curating.

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F402i Developing Practice: Independent StudyONLINE

November 23, 2020December 11, 2020

3 Weeks / 3 Sessions / 180$

Professor Armon Means

Develop your practice or a specific project with more focus and rigor. This practice-based short course is intended for artists who want to focus studio time on a specific project or body of work with access to one-on-one critiques with the professor as well as peer discussions in the on-line studio. Week one will start with an initial digital studio visit. From there, your professor and peers will help guide and support you through the next two weeks of the course. This course is ideal for artists looking for critical discourse related to current bodies of work, including work-in-progress. The goal of discussions with your instructor and peers will be to enhance conceptual thinking and examine technique, potentially exposing the artist to viewpoints not initially considered in their studio or process. All welcome, regardless of level of higher education or career stage. New course sessions post weekly on Mondays. Sessions meet in an online studio — a digital space that allows enrolled artists to come together and share their experiences. Live sessions and group video meetings may occur, but the majority of discussion will take place in the online studio, where artists may participate as their schedule allows, providing more scheduling freedom.

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